What to do today?

Is time really on your side?  I lay down at night and wonder what I’ve accomplished through the day.  Some days are better than others but I strive to find that perfect balance.

Shopping is the last thing on my mind as it takes so much work and planning…but for some reason I love shopping and researching for others!!  Let me get time back on your side by being your Personal Shopper!!

I will give you everything you need at your fingertips to make a decision and save money all through Shop Your Way.  If neither Sears or Kmart doesn’t have what you need, then their partners such as; Kohl’s, Walmart, Proflowers, Best Buy, rental car companies and so much more will have it.  The savings is crazy good from 1% all the way up to 50% back in points and many have $1 to $80 off purchase!


Come join my SHOP TIL YOU DROp team at http://syw.co/PSextraordinaire.  Best part – it’s totally FREE!

Over 40 FREE Sweepstakes a Day!

Over 40 FREE Sweepstakes a Day!

Let me show you SWEEPS shortcuts plus, get eligible for the next Personal Shopper sweeps (the last one was for $100)!

Prizes range from $5 in points to $15,000 in trips! I’ve won 2 trips (NBA All Stars in New Orleans and Marvel Movie Premiere), 2 prizes (Celine Dion perfume and Pick A Prize), 95 sweepstakes with points ranging from $5 to $300!!! My total winnings over the last 10 months are $16,326!!

There are between 500 and 3,000 entries on each SWEEPS so the odds of winning are better than the lottery!

Come on — let me show you how to play at http://syw.co/PSextraordinaire