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What to do today?

Is time really on your side?  I lay down at night and wonder what I’ve accomplished through the day.  Some days are better than others but I strive to find that perfect balance.

Shopping is the last thing on my mind as it takes so much work and planning…but for some reason I love shopping and researching for others!!  Let me get time back on your side by being your Personal Shopper!!

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National Dog Day – 26 August! What are you going to do with your pet?

It’s National Dog Day next week on 26 August!

Here’s a link to 14 things you can do to celebrate – http://www.buzzfeed.com/samimain/ways-to-celebrate-national-dog-day#g9qa91

Kmart has your pets daily needs on sale almost everyday along with coupons! Don’t forget their favorite chew or play toy!


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*Father’s Day Gifts 2014

*Father's Day Gifts 2014

This catalog was created for a Shop Your Way Personal Shopper client who is looking for Father’s day gifts with sentimental and functional value rather than expense!! Good Housekeeping had the Top Twelve gifts under $30 and most were found on Shop Your Way!!


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